Our customers can expect a very thorough search, detail managed and brokered to a successful completion by our firm. Our search process can be verified and spoken for by our long list of references. By outsourcing their employment needs to The Orion Delta Group, our customers can expect to be represented by a recruiter that cares.

The services available by The Orion Delta Group, Ltd. for our clients are as follows:

  • Personal meetings with each department head involved in the hiring process.
  • In-depth understanding of the client company and its products or services.
  • Conducting a customized recruiting effort under the parameters set forth by our clients utilizing all available resources.
  • Performing in-person evaluations of each potential candidate.
  • Making personal and business related reference checks on each candidate represented by our firm.
  • Verifying certifications, licenses and the highest college degree obtained by the candidate.
  • Arranging interviews between the top candidates and our client.
  • Preparing each candidate and employer prior to their interview. Our preparation is to ensure a high quality and efficient interview.
  • Conducting post interview follow-up with the candidate and the client company.
  • Assisting in structuring offers of employment as it relates to income and benefits to insure a positive and successful hire.
  • Remaining in communication with the candidate until the new employment begins
  • Conducting monthly follow-up calls with the employer to monitor the satisfaction and success of all parties.